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Project Description
The Dml (Database Markup Language) is an Xml based language that describes databases and stores data with simple, human readable tags and stored in a light weight file.

Importent Note
The Package is out my next goal is to help you and to develop the Database Quary Markup (DQM).
A new package will be declared when a major advencement will be made in the DQM (The DQM is developed on a second project (
Please post your problems and any other thing you want to say in the Discussions section.

Online Source Code
The Xsd and the Xsl are now avilable online
More About The Project
The Dml is supported by the EC.Software.Dml.DmlSerializer class (.NET 2.0) that can serialize and
deserialize the System.Data.DataSet class into a Dml Document. I have also created an Xslt file that can
transform the Xsd vaildaited document into an Html page that presents the data.

7/29/2007 : Dml Package Released !
Now downloadable from the releases page !

7/14/2007: Dml Package Declared !
The package is now under development.

7/11/2007: Dml Package Released !
Now downloadable from the releases page !

Dml Document Structure
By E.C.

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